I have found it

The hardest part of meeting yourself is realizing that you have flaws.  Everyone likes to see themselves as perfect, without flaws or negative traits. The truth is we all have things to work on.  This week end I sat down with myself to work out what my biggest flaw is, with a little help from someone very close to me, I have found that it is fear.

Fear is not only being a afraid of heights or spiders, but also of people and even myself.  Now having it picked out it is too hard to figure out what I am to do about fixing this problem.  The solution to the problem is to figure out what is the positive trait that I have that will cancel out the negative trait.  So for now I am going to be trying to find the point in my life that make me fearful and close up and work on defeating my fear.

Next order of business is to find out what my positive trait is, so that I can progress and move forward in my life. I am getting a little tired of holding myself back.  It is time that I take a stand for my own life and move forward.  No more stepping back.