Say Hello to Yourself, Part 2

Yesterday we began the journey for finding myself. This is going to be a long journey and this is only the beginning.  Today we will continue this journey with part 2.

Building off of yesterday's post. I wrote about the character traits that run along the vertical axis of the "bet." In this post we are going to go a little bit more in depth about these traits and what they mean. A brief re-cap from yesterday is that these character traits dictate how you live your life. To illustrate this point please see the image here:

As you can see it is flowers growing a flower pot.  You may ask where am I going with this, but please bear with me because I too was confused when I first saw it.  We will start at the bottom of the pot.  Here is where all the dirt is. This is the lowest point in your life. The side of the pot on the far right is your negative trait. This is the trait that brings you down to your lowest point in life.  Say you get jealous easily it is the one thing that brings you down.  So whenever you are jealous of someone you are down at the bottom of the flower pot and you have to figure out a way out. How you may ask?  This is where your positive trait comes in.  The left side of the flower pot is your positive trait, it is the one thing that no matter what will bring you up.  When you are brought up to the surface you are happy and smiling like the pretty flowers shown in the drawing.

We all know that a plant with good strong and healthy roots is a healthy rooted plant.  The same goes for yourself.  If you know what brings you down and you know how to counter act it with what brings you back up again then your roots will be firmly planted in the ground.  When they roots are firmly planted then you can stand up straighter and have a more positive outlook on life. It is very important to identify your traits so that you will know when you are experiencing then to keep you from getting stuck in the mud.

If I knew what my two traits are I would share them, but at this moment I am still trying to work that out. It is not easy to get to know yourself. It is hard enough to find time to sit down with someone else and talk to them, when do you ever have enough time to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself?  But I have found that this time is very important to have with yourself, because you can search the internet and the world all you want but there is no one in the whole world who can tell you who YOU are.