Starting over

This is the beginning. Everyone at some point in their life has a moment, on occasion it could be more than one moment where you start over. This last October I opened a new chapter in my life. This was a major step for me, and I feel that there are pieces and parts that are worth sharing.

This past October I made Aliya (immigrated to Israel). This was a huge step making a major change in my life moving to a place with such a different culture than what I was used to growing up. While is is taking time to get used to, i have been slowly solwly finding my place. The question that I have been asked many times regarding this decision was why? I found that this time was a good time to do it and Israel is the one place that I have always felt more at home. When I got to the point of deciding where I wanted to study and live there was no where that I really wanted to be more than here.

My second big change this year was that I started university. Putting that on top of moving to a new country is a very difficult situation to deal with. So far I am half way through the year and things have been going fairly well thus far so I cannot complain.

My goal for this blog is to share my experiences in this changing time of my life and hopefully to discover more about myself and where I stand in the world. There is no better way to see how you grow than through your writing, when you write it all down you are able to go back and see where the changes happened and even how they happened.