Mistake On The Radio

In today's world we expect such high stamdards from everyone. We expect that everyone will be perfect and not make a single mistake. What we are forgetting is that not everyone is perfect. This morning I was listening to the radio and the DJ was talking when suddenly he started talking in a voice that sounded something like sylverster the cat.

After a song played he came back on the air to talk about it and appologize for the mistake. Saying that he didn't know what had over come him, just that he knew that the intro to the song he was playing was only 12 seconds long. When I was taking a radio class our teachers always told us to keep going even if you make a mistake and to not even acknowledge that you had made a mistake. The DJ mentioned this in his rant about his mistake, but I feel that when they do make mistakes it makes the DJ seem more human and less of a machine. It boosts your own confidence when someone can get on the radio and messup. Granted this was the after midnight show so god knows how many people are actually listening.

The station this happened on was 94.7 the country giant, I do not know who the DJ was but I commend you for making the mistake, catching it and even pointing it out to listeners. That takes a lot of courage to point it out on live radio. It was definitely the fist time I've heard such a thing. Good job and kep up the good work, now if only we could all stand up and take the fault for our mistakes.

Have you ever made a big mistake in public and then admitted to the mistake with out just letting it go?