The difference between charity and kindness

This week I was at a lecture where we discussed what is the difference between charity and kindness. Mos people couldn't come up with a difference but there were a few who attempted to tell is what it was. For most people they say charity as things like giving some one money, while some thing like holding the door fir someone is considered kindness.

The definition that the lecturer gave was one that I have never thought of before. She defined charity as doing something for someone in need while kindness is doing something for someone even if they are not. When you think about it this is awhole very great way to put it, why do you give money to charity? Because someone needs it more than you do, and why do you hold the door for someone who is fully capable of opening it themselves? Because it is a good thing to do and it makes you feel good about yourself.

Until now all is well in the world, but one girl asked what if you do things for other people all the time and they don't acknowledge that you do these things? Should you continue to do these nice things or is there a limit? The answer the lecturer gave was that no one should ever be left to feel like a doormat.  I agree with this, there are too many people in the world who are only looking out for number one. In my high school one of my teachers used to have a sign behind her desk that said, "I am number 2" when asked by students why she was number two she would respond with a simple, "because you are number one." Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone cared about everyone else. On that final note I suggest you check out the song "if everyone cared" by nickleback and take a few minutes to watch the video that was made to this song in reaction to the shooting at Virginia tech.