In my opinion lonely is the worst word in the dictionary.  Earlier today I was on stumblupon and came across a quote that said, "the girl who is constantly surrounded by friends is falling apart inside." I just want to know what they have to say about the one who is nit always surrounded by friends?

Being alone is hard. Not having anyone to talk to about it makes it even harder. While I could talk to my boyfriend he is just not understanding how I feel. I have spoken to him but he is just not getting it. The hardest part is being in a long-distance relationship and knowing that he has been in the area for the past week but I have only seen him once.  In usual circumstance anyone would be able to fill this whole that I'm feeling, but I just want to be with him.

The hardest part of this whole situation is my roommate has a boyfriend that she studies with and spends all day every day with.  My boyfriend has told me time and time again to not be jealous of them, but the truth is I envy them. For many reasons not just the amount of time that they get together.  On occasion I wounder how different things would be if we weren't going out. Would I have more friends? Would my social life be different? These are really tough questions to ask and I don't want to know the answer.

This is something that I'm going to have to work on. But I don't feel that I am the only one that has things to work on. My boyfriend has to work in growing up and prioritizing, not that I think I should be a bigger part of his life, I'm thinking of things like more maturity and independence. Everyone has things that they need to work in I just wish that we didn't have to go at it alone and it weren't so darn hard.