Life is Wild

Back in 2008 the CW came out with a show with a brilliant title.

This title is just so true to life itself that I find myself thinking, "Life is wild" all the time. This thought came to mind a few nights ago when a friend of mine who was so sure that she and her boyfriend were going to be getting engaged by the summer and that life was amazing suddenly broke up.  We seem to find ourselves taking too much in our lives for granted, and never stop to appreciate the things that we have because we never know where life is going to take us.

Life is like a roller coaster there are always going to be ups and downs and if we don't accept them it will only make getting where we're going much harder. This is the hardest part of life, accepting that things happen for a reason, life is wild and we shouldn't be too focused on the bad that is happening now but rather try to figure out where we can go from here and make the best of the situation.