Once Upon a Time - Poor choice in actress

Sunday night there was a new Once Upon a Time.  This episode was a very interesting twist in the story, we finally find out what it is exactly that Snow White did to upset the queen. But there was a small technical detail that I just couldn't get over in this episode. It was the casting director's choice for who should play snow white as a little girl.  I understand the choice that was made, this actress has an astounding resemblance to the character of Mary Margret played by Ginnifer Goodwin but I'm sorry to say her acting was just terrible.  And I think that compramizing on the girls acting just because she looked like she could be a younger Ginnifer Goodwin is not reason enough to put an actress like that in.

I do not normally make such reviews about episodes of TV shows, or really make any reviews whats so ever but this was something that was bothering me and I felt if no one else was going to say anything, and from what I've seen no one has I'm just going to put it out there.