Long Days

I have never really noticed how long the days are. Currently I have a few weeks off of school and after doing a lot of eerands yesterday find that there really is not so much to do today. I have already mopped, cleaned the bathroom and took all the bottles to be recycled caught up on my TV shows from the past week and listened to a few hours of radio.

That sounded like a lot, and yet its only 3 in the afternoon. Perhaps I should blog about how much the Israeli radio station Galgalatz frustrates me. This semester I am taking an introductory course in radio and from what I've seen so far that is really all you need to run a station. Recently I discovered that galgalatz is run by the army so the people we hear there are trained to be on the radio as their army service.

All is well in the world except I feel that these people are not trained enough to be on the radio. Listen to me a mere 3 weeks in a intro to radio course and suddenly I'm a pro. It bothers me to no end that when the host gets on the microphone to talk between songs she doesn't just lower the volume on the track like she is supposed to, she turns it off completly! whats the big deal you might be thinking, so she just turns off the song. NO that is wrong, she doesn't just turn off the song, she is talking over it. When she takes a break to breathe she then proceedes to turn the track back up full volume blasting you with music that shouldn't be so loud. At one point I was considering calling them up just to tell her to stop doing it, but figured its not worth the hassle so I turned it off and turned on my country radio instead. Gosh I love the internet. :)