It makes me so mad

Perhaps I just expect too much from other people.
I'm sure there are those out there that will agree with me that some people need to learn things on their own. I believe that by the age of 20 a person should have at least a little common sense. Mainly just simple things like being considerate when coming home at midnight, not slamming doors or yelling. Perhaps that is too much to ask. How about paying back for bills? Why do I always have to be the responsible one? What if one day I decided to just say screw it all. If I got up and left and didn't clean the apartment, pay the bills, make sure the bills are right, check the mail, be in touch with the landlord, set up the internet... These are not my children you are 20 years old. It is time to take charge in your own life. If you want to have food then go out to the GROCERY STORE not to the cafe and order dinner. I'm not your maid, clean up after yourself. Kill your own bugs, learn to read a bill. I am sick of having to be your mother. And don't you dare treat me like you are mothering me. Because believe me, you are not and whatever you may thing you are no where near ready to have your own kids.

Enough about that, now on to group projects oh how I love those. Some how no matter what the group I've been in I have been the one to do all the work. I think I'm going to have to start going to the teachers and TAs and tell them that I have been doing everything. The worst is when people just decide not to show up, especially when you remind them to. The best group experience I have had thus far has been in radio. My job in the group was to run the sound mixer. What did I really do? I wrote up the line up for our hour long show and scheduled a meeting for everyone to get together and create a 10 minute preview of our show. Now I was not able to attend this meeting but I assumed that everyone could pull themselves together and do it. Boy was I wrong. They created a piece to show the class but right before our turn one member of the group says we have to start the whole thing from scratch. How is it possible that something we have known about for 3 weeks has to get done at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT! Not even the night before but we're talking 10 seconds before! The teacher gave us a chance to re-do for next week but my feeling is that this girl should just take the grade that we got and suck it up. This is a learning experience take it, and learn from it so you know for next time. Don't cover it up.

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