I have been reading a lot about starting to run. I walk. Like a lot. I walk everywhere that I can. Its not that I'm cheap and don't want to take the bus, I just like the fresh air and the space and I also like that its green.  But for  the past few years I've been telling myself that I should take up running.  In recent weeks I took to reading running blogs like Loving the Run and one of her posts inspired me.

So last night I stopped reading. I laced up my running shoes that have been hiding in the back of my closet and set out on a mission. At first it started as just run to the park.  But I got to the park and was feeling good being out there and finally doing it. Suddenly I understood why all these runners do it.  It just feels good, all the stress of the day just disappears and suddenly everything just feels like its going to be okay.

I kept going, alternating between running and walking, until I got to the end of the road and turned around to head back home.  I installed Runstar on my phone to track my run, and was very surprised when I checked it upon entering my apartment. I thought I had been out there for hours running and didn't feel that I had gone very far. Turns out on the first run I had gone just under 3 miles in 50 minutes.  Now I know that it is not a lot, but it gives me a very good starting point. I want to focus here maybe running this route a few times until I feel that I can keep going.

I may have to say good bye to my Wii boxing, I might have just found a new therapy.