Welcome to College

I am taking a radio class, and last week we were meant to have our final in class; but the teacher was not able to make it to class so she cancelled and rescheduled for this week.  The on Wednesday a group of students got together on Facebook and tried to get the whole class to reschedule for the following Thursday morning.  Because apparently a bunch of students are traveling this week and will not be able to make it to class on Monday night.

My thought when I first saw this was "who travels the week before exams?"  Well their attempts did not work.  We have the final tonight and who ever is not in the class will have a supplemental assignment that they will have to turn in otherwise they will fail the class. Right now I love this teacher, she is teaching them that you can't get what you want, rules are rules.  Its a little surprising that they are in their 20s and only now learning that just because something doesn't work for you doesn't mean it has to be changed.

I can see why they would hate this teacher, but for me I like her. Its like being back in high school with Miss O. You come to class you do the work, you are on time for everything and you will have no problem. There are no excuses. In TV studio the teacher says that he "helps those who help themselves" you can't just live your life expecting things to just happen for you. If you want this then you are going to have to own up and take it, show up, do the work, and you will be rewarded. There are no freebies in this life.