Kitchen Update

For those of you who have been following the situation in my kitchen on Facebook, there have not been any photo updates recently due to the sudden halt in work.  Last week the plumbers came ripped up the floor, moved my washing machine all over the apartment and then on Thursday morning a guy came to count how many tiles we will be needing to fix the floor.  No surprise he left without a word as to when he will be coming back.  I am hoping that he will come tomorrow and fix the floor up because I am getting to the point where I have to wash my clothes in the sink due to the fact that I don't have a washing machine hooked up and the laundry mat is kind of far away.

I have taken a break from running since this began only because I can't spare the clothes. But I really could use a run, I was thinking about it today, but it was really hot out there today and its so humid that even stepping out the door makes me feel like I need a shower and to wash my clothes. Hoping and praying that this will all be over this week. But doubt it, after all this is Israel so what can I expect.

Update: Last week I spent as little time in the apartment as possible and went down to Be'er Sheva for the weekend. When I returned on Sunday evening I was surprised to discover that all the cabinets had been put back in their original locations!  Then on Monday I had an exam in the morning and when I came home the University had sent over a cleaning lady to wash the floor and make sure everything was in order. I am just so glad that this whole ordeal is finally over.