Running to Releave Stress

I feel at times that there must be a direct relation between the amount of time that I spend on sites like Facebook and my level of frustration with the world.  When will I ever learn to just walk away.  Every few months I have a time when I tell myself that I will delete my Facebook profile and not come back to it.  I have yet to succeed in this.  There is just too much junk going on out there that it just makes me feel like what is the point? Why do we spend all our time there? Maybe it's just me, that I just don't seem to have anything else to do with my life.

Recently I was listening to a podcast from the Jillian Michaels' show where she was saying that we always have the chance to tell them to go to hell tomorrow.  I have prided myself in recently being able to hold myself back from exploding at the very people who have been causing my frustration and have been venting to close friends who I know are looking out for me.  But I feel that maybe this isn't working how it should that I have to figure out a new way to relieve all this stress of the world.  Before I came back home for the summer I had taken up running after reading many many blogs about how it has helped others get over their stress and what not and found that it has been a sort of therapy for me. A chance to wipe everything off and then wash it all down the drain in the shower afterwards.

Once all the holidays are over I'm hoping to get the chance to get back out there and start running again.  It's just I feel again like those contestants on the biggest loser who go home and get sucked into everyday life, there just isn't the time to work out, or the weather isn't right, I seem to find myself making the same excuses that they make granted I'm not running for the same reasons they are but that's not the point. The point is that I'm just going to have to push myself harder to get back into shape since even when I go back to school I'm not going to have access to the same paths that I fell I love with just before leaving.