New Beginnings Again

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I find myself back at the beginning again. I am truly sorry that I have not been writing more often lately but life has a funny way of speeding up without you noticing it.  About two weeks ago I came back from my vacation in the US and found myself moving in to a new apartment with new roommates, in a new city and starting a new school year.  Its safe to say that these past two weeks have been quite an adventure.

I have never been a city person. Last year my apartment was on a one-way street that got maybe five cars an hour... now I'm living in an apartment building just off the highway over one of the busiest highway junctions in the country.  Sleeping has not been easy and in this new place I have not been able to find a running route yet (or time to get out there).  I'm sure that the more nights I spend here in this new place the less I'll hear the noise of the traffic, like when you have a loud air conditioner and it runs for a while you just stop hearing it.

Classes have not been too interesting, at least I have found two that are able to hold my attention for the whole lecture. Then there are others that I really just cannot focus during the lessons, just hoping I will be able to pass them the first time it would be such a shame to take them again.

That's my quick life update. More to come later when I get settled properly.