Israel Under Fire

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I have been living in Israel for the past two years and when I talk to friends back home they ask if I'm afraid to be here. The answer has always been no, I feel just as safe if not more that I did back home in my Midwestern suburban city.  Earlier this afternoon my mom told me that she has people asking her if she intends to fly me home; that got me thinking would I go?

I don't think I would. I feel that this is where I belong, we can't always be running away from conflict.  What really brought it home was the bus bombing in Tel Aviv this afternoon.  Until now it has all been happening down south, there were a few rockets in Tel Aviv but when it happens in a place so close and so unexpected it really puts things in prospective. What does that say about us if we're always running away?  We have to be able to put our faith in something and put a foot down.  I have never been a political person and I don't want to get into these debates, but at some point we  have to say enough.

Today just about half an hour ago a cease fire was declared by Egypt between Gaza and Israel but since then I have been listening to the radio and hearing announcement and announcement about code reds all over the southern part of the country. What really gets me is that if we do anything to stand up then it will be shown in the media as US breaking the cease fire when all we're doing is defending ourselves.

I am putting my faith in the state of Israel and the IDF because I know that we will pull through. The Iron Dome may not be blocking everything, but it has been doing a pretty good when you look at how many rockets have been shot into Israeli boarders since last week.