Training Pays Off

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It was a good day, I wasn't too late to school and it wasn't even raining too hard when I got out of class.  I got to spend the afternoon with my boyfriend things were great. When I went to catch the bus back to my apartment I had close to perfect timing, only had to wait 2 minutes until the next bus. I even got a seat on the usually crowded bus.

It appears that when I put my cell phone into my pocket on the bus I hadn't put it in all the way and it fell out of my pocket as I got out of my seat to get off the bus.  Out of habit I  checked my pockets to make sure I hadn't left anything behind when I got off the bus and low and behold my cell was driving off with the bus I had just gotten off! I did the first thing I could think of; I chased the bus.  All I have to say is thank god I did all that running last year because I don't think that I would have been able to chase the bus at that speed had I not.

It was lucky for me there was traffic light a little ways down the street, because the bus got stuck at the next light and the girl who had been sitting next to me on the bus noticed the phone and had brought it up to the driver. I flagged him down and he pulled over to let the girl give me back my phone.  The rest of the way home I couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened had I not been able to get it back so quickly.  I will never get out of my seat from a bus without first checking to make sure I still have my phone ever again. What are the odds I could get that lucky twice.