Working towards finding happiness in your life is not the most simple thing to do, and for the past week I have been putting in a pretty big effort. In my last post I wrote about my starting the book "The Zen Art Of Happiness" and this past week was an effort to take what I read in the first few pages and use them in real life. I spent much of this past week telling myself that everything that happens is the best possible situation that I could find myself in and for the most part, this has helped a lot.

One of the recurring themes I have seen when reading about ways to reduce feelings of being depressed or sad have been to dissociate yourself from people who make you feel this way.  Last week I kept myself from thinking about the people that really put me down in a poor mood and I can honestly say that it helped a lot. The only problem I have run into is that no where does any one have suggestions for how to deal with people who put you in a foul mood when you cannot avoid being around them?

There is one person in my life who we just seem to see things differently and there are times when I feel that whatever I do is not the right thing.  While for the past week I did a very good job keeping myself far away from them over the weekend it was unavoidable and I just feel that everything I did for the past week seems to have unraveled and I'm feeling like I'm going to have to start this week again from scratch.

Does anyone else ever feel that there are people who are in your life and put you down? Any suggestions for way to keep them from ruining everything?