Pushy Israelis

This morning we were all sitting in our online journalism class like we have been doing every Monday morning since the beginning of the semester.  All class the door is opening and people are looking in like they are expecting the room to be empty and leaving right away, we don't think anything of it because this happens all the time.

At 1 o'clock this big Israeli guy walks in to the room and starts yelling at the teacher that she has taken his room. That he has 3 classes to teach today and no room to use because she is "hogging" his. She calmly says to him that we have had this room all semester and that there is no way that this could be "his room." He leaves angrily and we all start talking about how rude he was.

Three minutes later a woman from the logistics office comes in and tells us that she has a new room open for us to use until 1:45 when the class is over. So for the last 40ish minutes of class we move down the hall as the angry Israeli guy (who apparently works at a TV station) glares at us like we've done something wrong.

I have been trying to understand why all these Israelis are always trying to put themselves first. I understand the whole "if you let them push you around then they'll walk all over you" mentality but a little consideration. Can't you choose your battles? This one wasn't really worth it was it? Maybe I'm missing the point here.