A Simple Life

This morning on my bus ride into school I started thinking about what life would be like without all the technology that we have today.  How quiet would it be without all the cars? Would we meet more people around us because we aren't clouded by the technology that keeps us in touch with those we care about who are not in our immediate proximity?  Life would be so different.

Maybe if we didn't have all this technology we wouldn't feel like there aren't enough hours in the day because there wont be websites or video games to keep you distracted. Maybe we would spend more time with our loved ones and less time with our cell phones.  Would our lives be less stressful? Studies show that as we take on more in our lives we are becoming more and more stressed with life.  I think we can all use less stressful lives, but I just can't seem to give up TV.  If we could live simpler lives and still have the shows on TV I'd be happy.

It has recently come to my attention just how many people are sitting or standing around each other not interacting because we're all in our own little worlds with our headphones in. Makes me think about that movie "Josie and the Pussy Cats" where the CD has a subtrack that brainwashes everyone.  Makes you wonder if that could happen with all these people wired all the time.

Just some thoughts I was having today... Wouldn't it be nice?