Here we go again

It seems that every time I blink someone is getting engaged. Now its not that I'm not happy for these people it just seems that there are many people who are just rushing into this.  The more I think about it the more this seems to side with the whole rise in divorce rates, how many people have rushed into a decision like say buying a dress only to realize when they get home that it doesn't fit well or look flattering.  In the end they just end up returning it to the store.  We currently live in a very "chad pa'ami" world (once time use).  Everything that we buy is made for a single of limited amount of uses, and it seems that this attitude has been applied to the concept of marriage.

The other night I was out with my boyfriend and it is a little scary to think that in the time that we have been going out there are couples that have met, gotten married and divorced.  It is even scarier to think that we know of such a couple. So what are we meant to do?  How does one change their frame of mind to not want to rush into such a big decision?  A major factor in these decisions it seems is the media.  I'm not talking about newspapers and reality TV we're talking about movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl.  All these shows promote these rash decisions, they tell viewers that you are meant to marry the hottest guy that you come in contact with, and that if god forbid things are not perfect like in the shows then you always have the option of divorce.

Have you ever noticed that in Disney movies they never show you what happens after "happily ever after"?  Every one of the movies stops at the wedding, they don't show you if Snow White and Prince Charming fight or have money problems.  They get married and this makes life okay.  But is this really true? Obviously not.  Little girls are growing up on these stories and these ideas are getting more and more ingrained into their minds that it seems we have reached an impasse.

I don't have an answer for how we can fix this problem.  Maybe the mind set just has to change. Now I just sound like a hypocrite because I have other, bigger fish to fry in my own life. So for now I think we can leave this as is, I'm going to have to get back to work on myself before I can change the world.