Not Fair

I know that we shouldn't be jealous of other people but sometimes it can be really difficult. There seems to always be someone there to one up you or have the thing that you want.  Personally the worst are those people that just seem to always get what they want with out having to work for it.

Whenever I write posts like this I always feel like I'm just coming off as complaining.  But I'm sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.  I am currently studying in a university with some very privileged students, and have heard some pretty ridiculous stuff. Recently there have been a series of "Sh*t ... says" going around on youtube but some of these don't compare with the things that I have heard.  We are in exams now and there was an email sent out with a list of about four student ID numbers of students who had missed too many classes to take an exam.  In the exam following this one a girl made a comment saying "I can't believe no one got exempt from this exam like the last one!" Her friend asked what she meant and when she referenced the email my jaw hit the ground and said, "They weren't exempt, they FAILED the course!" She had no clue that's what it meant!

Earlier in the semester I remember over hearing two girls talking about the tuition for the school.  Now I know that for American standards this is a fairly cheap tuition, but one said to the other, "Can you believe that there are students that actually have to take out loans to study here?"  Now I take a personal offense to this statement because not only can my family afford tuition here but I still had to take out a loan to study!  I'm just wondering how much of an air head can you be?

The worst are the people that can get away with things that they do, that normally I would think there should be some form of a consequence.

Example one:  Whenever we would have guest at my house one of us kids had to give up our room.  This to me seemed very standard, that if need be all three of us would end up sleeping in the same room, usually with only two beds.  Never have I been at someone's house or had guests over and have a child of the hosting house in a bed in the SAME room as the guest and have the guest sleep on an air mattress the floor. I don't mean this to over react I just feel a little jipped that's all.

Example two: What would I give to never have to worry about money.  I have recently come into contact with some interesting people, and they seem to have habits that are very foreign to me.  Growing up eating out had always been saved for special occasions, birthdays, vacations, relatives coming in etc.  But recently I have discovered a subculture of people who eat out on a regular basis.  I cannot imagine eating out and having to order let alone pay for three meals a day every day. Shouldn't one be able to provide basics for ones self? I mean honestly is it that difficult to pour a bowl of cereal?

Finally Example three: This has to do with brand names.  Now studying communications we talk a lot about branding and what it says about a person.  Brand names tend to be more expensive because you are paying for the name not always are you paying for quality. I find that with food brand doesn't really matter all that much.  Yes I'll admit that the North Face is warmer than a Columbia but when it comes to store brand noodles and brand name noodles come on!  They are exactly the same just one is a few cents cheaper.  Some may think that it is worth it to spend a little more "just this once" and get the nice stuff, but when you do this week after week month after month you end up spending tens of extra dollars just on some small superficial name on a bag you don't really need.

I'll admit that I did give in a little bit a few years ago and spent quite a bit of money on a pair of really nice brand name suede winter boots.  This was after close to half an hour of debating in the store and a phone call to my mom asking if it was worth it.  Now I have been wearing these boots for the past three winter seasons and they have not yet worn out. So there is something to say about brand names but I think that they have their place.  In the kitchen who cares what goes in, if you need it to last invest.

I could go on for much longer on this topic but this seems to be enough for now.