Standing Still

I have recently been feeling like things have not really been moving in my life. Whether its me not trying to move things forward or just things in my life are not moving themselves. Could be just the exams getting the way so I don't have a set schedule to stick to and the days just seem to melt.  At times I just feel lonely and when this happens I just turn to online TV shows (oh the life of a communications student).  Recently I have returned to an old favorite that I missed a whole season of but don't feel like watching the old one because they do not have anything to do with each other.   Yes it is a reality show and while I'm very much against them due to the fact that there is not so much directing or acting or story line involved in them I am still able to enjoy one here or there no?

But that is off topic. The point is that I feel like I should be trying to fix the things in my life that I am meant to fix but some how keep finding myself digging deeper and deeper into this hole. I used to be such a friendly and out going child what ever happened to her?  Perhaps this is where the journey is meant to start. I have to find her again and persuade her to come back and help me dig out.  I know that I cannot expect the change to happen over night and that this is going to be a very long road. But I'm here to stick it out for the long haul and here we go, perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.