Why I have moved to Redgage

I recently came across a very interesting social bookmarking site. Much like stumble or digg users are able to take websites or content from anywhere online and bookmark or share it on the redgage community. What is even more interesting is that they also pay users for their content.

Now getting paid for my content online is an added bonus. My major concern has been trying to find a site where I can post my pictures to share with people and know that they will not get stolen.  I have tried deviantart where I can sell images online but anyone on the web can still just go in, right click and save one of my images to their own computer. Same with facebook, flicker... everywhere.

Everywhere that is expect on redgage. Now I tried this as my own experiment. I went in to one of my own pictures while logged in to my own account and tried to right click on one of my images. Here is what came up:

My mind was blown! Now here is a site that understands me. I can upload as many pictures as I want, in what ever quality that I want, they will pay me for the pictures annnnnnnd no one can take them!  This site is very soon to be on my list of favorite sites.

The image in this post is called "A Rose is a Rose" found at http://www.redgage.com/#rf:/photos/runi1024/a-rose-is-a-rose.html