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Now I am confused. Just when did the words thin and fit start to mean the same thing? I know that I am thin but that doesn't mean that I am fit. For example I know that I walk to and from school everyday and that doesn't really tire me out, but if I have to go to the grocery store after class forget it. Just last night I decided to do a short exercise in my room, the routine had like say 10 things on it. I picked about three that I was going to do. I wasn't even half way through the first exercise when I started to think that I should stop for a break. Wow am I out of shape.

But I think I may have figured out why I'm so out of shape. Yes I know that my eating habits are all out of whack but that not the only thing that gets in the way. Since I started studying this year I have begun to do less and less real physical activity. This morning I was reading in flipbook and really great article from NPR it can be found here. I feel that the more time I spend just sitting in class behind a computer all day and then being tired from sitting doing nothing just to come home and spend more time in front of the computer has really set me back a long way. I used to be able to ride my bike for hours! I played soccer! Once upon a time I was active. I think that its time that I get back into these good habits therefore I am taking is upon myself to try and keep up with the 20 minute rule. I will try when I spend a long period of time sitting in front of the computer to set a time for 20 minutes and every 20 minutes I will get up and walk around. This will be kind of an experiment. I'll see if just walking around the apartment or standing for 2 minutes every 20 will make any difference. This could be interesting, I'm excited :)