21st Century

There is something that I really don't understand. In today's world most people have some sort of smartphone, be it an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. We are wired 24/7 with email, SMS, phone calls you name it. But what I can't understand is how when someone is so wired; I mean sending BBMs and texts all day and constantly answering the phone and checking their Facebook, can simply not answer important emails.

Perhaps it is because these people don't want to take responsibility and if you ignore all the emails and phone calls then the problem doesn't exist?  I recently wrote about the leak in my kitchen and about how my roommates are never around. Well there was one night that the landlord was coming over and I was not going to be home. I had been planning to meet with a friend for weeks and the night he was coming over was the night that I was going out.  I live in student housing so I told the housing office of my school that I was not going to be in the apartment that night and left the phone numbers of my roommates. About 3 hours later I received an email from housing saying they had called and left messages on BOTH of my roommates phones.  They now had emails and phone calls, but still no response.

It has been the same with getting money for bills. All year I have been paying our monthly bills and the day that I do I send out texts to both roommates that they owe me X amount.  Usually I get a text response that just says "great!" But I have never had one say "I'll pay you back tomorrow!"  This has been going on all year. I chase these girls for weeks before I see a penny.  One would think that because I live with them this would be easier.  This is not true, they never come home, so I never really see them and when I do see them around campus they are always saying "I owe you a lot of money." Thank you for letting me know, I had no idea!

Maybe it is just a issue of parents raising their kids. When children are raised to be 100% reliant on their parents then they are never able to deal with things on their own.  But I don't know how I came out any different, my parents always took care of everything for me. Perhaps I just grew up when I left home.