Can I Rest Now?

Today was a very long day, thankfully there was never a quiet moment though. This morning I woke up in Be'er Sheva, around 8:30 am.  Spent the morning getting myself ready for school (class starts a 2 pm this is important).  The goal for the morning was to order all my school readings, finals are coming up so I guess its about time that I start actually reading my assignment for class... Anyway when the readings were all ordered (there were close to 300 pages, oh my!) it was close to 11 and I was hungry, so my boyfriend and I got together for lunch and a little before 12 we heard that my readings for class were printed and ready to be picked up.

On the way to the bus we stopped at the University to pick up my newly printed readings. There we ran into a few people but couldn't stop to talk because I had a bus to catch. It was now almost 12:30. We rounded the corner to the bus stop and low and behold there were 3 buses there. The first two we could see were not mine but the third was hidden behind one of the other buses. My boyfriend ran to see what the number of the third bus was, but by the time he reached the stop it was pulling away. As it pulled away I saw the familiar number 380... the Be'er Sheva - Tel Aviv bus line.  Knowing that my 2pm class did not take attendance I figured there was no harm in waiting for the next bus (I didn't really have a choice at this point).

What I did not realize was that the next bus wasn't going to be until 1:30 pm. Now after my 2pm class I have an other class at 4pm; this class does take attendance so it was imperative that I make it to this next class on time.  So I sat down to wait for the next bus, having close to an hour to kill I started reading. A little after 1:30 the bus pulls up, I get on have a seat, all is well in the world. Well not quite all, I was sitting next to this girl who was on the phone for the entire hour and a half ride, its one thing when someone is on the phone with one person the whole ride but she was calling people whole time.  Have a distraction there, I only got through one chapter of reading.

But I made it to Tel Aviv with an hour to spare before class. It is now 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  My bus pass only had 5 shekel on it which is not enough for anything in the Tel Aviv area and especially when I need 10.40 to go to Herzliya so I couldn't take my regular bus because they don't let me load my card. I chose to take a bus that goes to Ra'anana and figured I would just take a bus from there that goes straight to school.  Mistake! I got on the 149 to Tzomet Ra'anana (Ra'anana Junction) which should have been faster than my regular route because it takes the high way and has way less stops on the way.  To my luck there was traffic out there at Morasha Interchange, so it took longer to get to Ra'anana.

When I finally got off the bus at 3:40 pm I was still a little hopeful but beginning to lose hope. I was crossing the street when I noticed a 39 sitting at the light, knowing its route I knew it stopped semi close to school and since it was here it would be my best bet. But the light changed and I didn't move fast enough, I was too far away from the bus stop when he pulled away.  I waited almost 10 minutes for the next bus.  The next 30 minutes were the longest ever. I texted a friend asking her to sign me into class (something I have NEVER done before but I knew that I was going to come after the attendance sheet had gone around) but she replied with "he's reading names."  After seeing this text I got off at the next stop and ran to school.  I don't remember it ever taking so long to get to school before.  I was hot, sweaty, tried and thirsty when I got to class but I was there a little after 4:30 pm.

After class I went to the teacher to tell him that I was in class but had missed attendance and he said that I should email him about it.  So I did. I only hope that I can still take the exam because this just might have been my third absence if he doesn't give me credit for being in class.  I think the most frustrating part of the whole thing is, is that it took me nearly 3 hours to do a ride that usually takes me around 2 hours.  And even that usually when I come to this class I'm a half hour early and the only one there when he comes in. Surely that should count for something.