Google Adsense Woes

There seems to be a trend, everywhere I turn there are bloggers writing about being banned from Google's Adsense. I'm not going to complain about my account being banned, because I wasn't making money on my blog, for me it was more a test to see if there was a chance to earn anything from my blog.  I had not clicked on any of my ads or told anyone to click them (at least not to my knowledge no one has) but one day I just received an email from Google informing me that my account had been suspended.

This was over 4 months ago, and I have been trying out different forms of advertising since. There are a few things that since losing my Adsense have started to bother me about bloging here on Google.  For starters I fell in love with the dynamic views. The magazine layout made my blog look and feel amazing, but then I discovered that they don't allow you to own the Adsense space on the page or allow widgets of any kind.  So I decided to change my blog layout. Which I think was not the best idea because I went from 20 - 30 views a day down to 10 views in the last week or so.

I think I have found a layout and am going to stick with it. Would have been nice if a reader would have commented on the change then I would have put it back.  But any way I have been testing out different alternatives to Adsense and have yet to find a sufficient alternative.  I have tried Chitka but they disapproved because I do not get enough traffic for them. I tried Clicksor but they had annoying banner ads and pop-ups and in text ads... it was just too much everywhere. A few days ago I applied for blogads but have not heard back from them but seeing as my monthly impressions is just over 400 views this might be too low a number for their taste.

The biggest issue that I have run into with all these sites is that my site is not being approved, but I hope that eventually I will find something that I will like and it will like my site as well.  I am truly sorry to all my readers who may have been in convinced from all the changes that have been going on and I should have updated you as soon as I started to play with things here. Once I have my Adsense alternative in place things should become more or less stable and stop moving around.