Social Networking at Work

As a student of media I have never tried any experiments with how social networks can work for me. But luckily for me an experiment happened when I was not looking. It all started with a single tweet on twitter.
just joined  so much beautiful photography I can't handle this!
 About 3 minutes after I tweeted this, I received an email from Twitter telling me that 500px had re-tweeted my  tweet. What it did not tell me was that 4 other users had re-tweeted my tweet. In the following few days I gained 7 followers. This may not seem like a lot, but going from nothing to something that quickly is where it all begins.

The biggest problem that we all have these days is that we expect things to be automatic. We want to be celebrities over night, to be millionaires without trying. In these vain efforts we forget that, life doesn't work that way. You just have to take a minute and appreciate all the small steps that you have taken to move forward. Yes it may take a life time to become somebody or you never know it could take 10 minutes but who are we to know where it is all going? And because of this I am great full for my 5 re-tweets and 7 follower, yes it would be nice if they were 500 re-tweets or 700 followers, but goals have to be small.  You can't conquer the world in a day.
Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. - Thomas A. Edison
It'll come to you. I had a few high school teachers that had some great things to say. One would always tell us to "Keep on keepin' on" and another would say "if as first you don't suck seed. Keep on sucking till you do suck seed."

I know the second is more of a play on words, but I feel that today more than ever society needs this advice. Everyone is so set on their over-night sensation agenda that we are forgetting the purpose.  What are you doing it for?  Who are you doing it for?  Why do you want it? If the answer is just for people to know who you are, then I think you missed the boat.